The Tiled Shower Stall Thread

Thanks. I'm in the home stretch.

I'm hoping to be done by Sunday. I'm going to use it for a couple weeks with just a shower curtain to make sure it's solid, no leaks and all that before I order the door.

I don't want to spend another $1,500.00+ only to find out I've got to rip something back out to fix it.
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Stuff I'm using is guaranteed cured in 48 hours. I've also left 1/4 inch expansion gaps in the corners. Those gaps will be covered with flexible waterproof caulk.

And technically it shouldn't matter, because everything has been completely waterproofed. In fact, even the boarding I used is waterproof.
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Just got out of the shower. Managed to get the wet wall and half the back wall grouted. Still have to buff it out after it dries, but that can wait.

Hopefully I'll finish up the grouting tomorrow, caulking and drywall work on Thursday, sand and paint Friday and clean up and actually use it on Saturday or Sunday.
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Grouting finished up and joint compound put in. Tomorrow will be sanding and cleaning day. I'm pretty sure I'll wind up doing a round 2 of joint compound unless I get lucky.

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Sans some MAJOR cleaning and the door, it's done.


Still have a few repairs around the rest of the bathroom to do, but I'll knock those out tomorrow.

I'm going to put the curtain up and bake in this fucking thing for an hour
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