The Worst of the Police

Thao had testified that he merely served as a "human traffic cone" when he held back concerned bystanders who had gathered as former officer Derek Chauvin, who is white, knelt on Floyd's neck for nine-and-a-half minutes while the Black man pleaded for his life on May 25, 2020.

'Under a duty to intervene'​

"There is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Thao's actions were objectively unreasonable from the perspective of a reasonable police officer, when viewed under the totality of the circumstances," Cahill wrote.

The judge concluded: "Thao's actions were even more unreasonable in light of the fact that he was under a duty to intervene to stop the other officers' excessive use of force and was trained to render medical aid."
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In this video, the trio can be seen conferring about a possible charge against Guessford. Douglas is captured saying, “He stuck his middle finger out of the car and I’m like ‘game on,’” to Gallo. Douglas then ponders charging Guessford for the hand gesture.

However, Box interjects, telling him, “We can lock him up for disorderly conduct,” and adds, “It might not go anywhere, but we can definitely lock him up for disorderly conduct.”

Speaking with the publication, Guessford described the situation as a "contempt of cop charge because I didn't show them the deference they think they deserve."
They're idiots.

the conflict between Guessford and the police started in March 2022 when he held up a “radar ahead” sign to warn drivers of an upcoming speed trap.

That is an open and shut case of obstruction of justice. They could have cuffed him and taken him to jail for it immediately.

This is why ex-military, high school dropout, GED idiots that don't have at least an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice shouldn't be police officers.
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Hobson was arrested at the Sheriff's department, according to the Daily Bulletin, and his own police department has refused to release bodycam footage of the incident.
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An undercover police officer used his fake identity to deceive a woman into a 19-year relationship in which they became partners and had a child together, the Guardian can reveal.

The officer concealed his real identity from the woman for the duration of that period, never telling her his real occupation, and using his fictitious identity on the birth certificate of their son.

In 2020, after the couple were engaged to be married, the woman discovered that her fiance, whom she believed to be a businessman, was in fact a police officer who had subjected her to a sophisticated deception lasting almost two decades.
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