The Worst of the Police

The truck was riddled with more than 35 bullet holes.

Davis stopped the truck and jumped out after he was already hit eight times. “I said, ‘I got to get out of here,’ bailed out and had my hands up, and I still got shot,” Davis recalled.

A police officer shot the hostage again as he jumped out of the truck to get away from the kidnapper. The officer testified he didn’t realize the man jumping out was the hostage until he had already opened fire.

It's a fucking movie you dumbass cops
We used to joke not to fuck with the marines guarding the base entries on US bases. Otherwise you'd hear bang bang...."HALT!". In all my years I've never actually seen a marine act like that at all....

A whole bunch of fucking idiot cops? YES

Marines? No
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As far as I know, this is a true story:

When my brother was stationed in the Sinai Valley with the 101st Airborne back in the late 80's, they used to have an issue with the local Arabs approaching the base trying to sell all manner of things, usually drugs.

Late one night, my brother and his buddy Jack were on duty. The gates were closed and they're sitting in the small guard hut when three Arabs approach trying to sell what they thought was heroine.

They knew a few words of Arabic, but that was it. So they're using them: Stop, go away, no, etc. but the three Arabs aren't giving up. Finally, Jack tells my brother to call the sergeant.

So as my brother steps back into the hut and calls the sergeant and is filling him in on the situation, one of the Arabs starts to climb the fence. Jack yells out, "we got a climber" and my brother informs the sergeant that one of them is starting to climb the fence.

The sergeant tells my brother, "tell him to put a round in his leg". So my brother passes on that messaage.

Jack takes aim and proceeds to turn the Arab's head into a canoe, knocking him off the fence in the process. Then all hell breaks loose with the two remaining Arabs screaming and shaking their fists at them.

The sergeant hears all of it and says, "I'll be right there" and hangs up. 30 seconds later, the sergeant shows up, looks at Jack and says, "how the hell did you ever pass basic? Give me that weapon!"

Jack hands over the M16 and the sergeant immediately turns it on the two remaining Arabs blowing them to kingdom come. Then he tells the two of them to call relief and then bury the bodies and it had better be done before sunrise or they'll be getting buried along with them.
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I can remember being taught that Rules Of Engagement shall never be broken by soldiers, while I was in basic training (early 80's). The instructor then went on to provide an example of a time he became aware of a breakage (during a peacekeeping mission) and how the Chief handled it. A decade later, I can remember reading about a Lt Col who broke ROE (discharged a weapon) and charged himself.

Towards the end of my military time we would learn there are times when the soldier tried to follow the ROE but the ROE broke the man and we must remember that.
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It's apparently Indonesia sometime this year. I could see that face caught at the right time - wide eyed grimace.

However he is wearing a different insignia on the uniform then the cops in the background and has no mask (unlike others).
To me, he looks like he's smiling for a photo. Especially looking at the background where the other officer is just standing around and nobody else is even looking in that direction as they would be were something actually going on.
Gonna catch shit for this, I'm sure, but she's the last person on earth that should be holding a sign like that.

Blacks are responsible for 52% of all violent crimes in the United States each year, yet they represent only 13% of the population. Statistically that means that every black person in the United States commits 4 violent crimes each year to be able to account for that number.

In contrast to that, police officers are arrested around 1,100 times each year. There are approximately 670,000 full time police officers in the United States. That means that each officer commits .0016 crimes each year to justify that number.

I hate a crooked cop as much as the next guy, but I'm more than a bit sick and tired of everybody assuming all cops are evil without looking in the fucking mirror first.
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