The Worst of the Police

You missed the top line:


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Blacks are responsible for 52% of all violent crimes in the United States each year, yet they represent only 13% of the population. Statistically that means that every black person in the United States commits 4 violent crimes each year to be able to account for that number.


You've only shown the murder line not the total violent crime which clearly shows white as the predominant in total arrests. And I do believe violent crime includes more then murder and quite frankly the violent crimes in the line below murder are predominately committed by whites(except robbery).


That's because most of what they put in that category is NOT violent.

Most assaults aren't actually violent at all. Pointing your finger at someone and poking their chest is an assault. Throwing a drink in someone's face is an assault. Yelling at someone is an assault. Putting your hand on someone's shoulder is an assault. Patting a woman's behind is an assault.

I'm talking about REAL FUCKING VIOLENCE. You go out with the pure intent to kill or maim someone and that is IT.

But even if you want to go with your interpretation of it, that means that they are THREE TIMES OVER REPRESENTED instead of 5.

It doesn't change the point at all.
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Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the law giving the commission the power to decertify police officers in 2021, bringing California in line with the vast majority of other states that already had a process to strip officers of their certification for serious misconduct. Such offenses can include using excessive force, purposefully obtaining a false confession, intimidating witnesses, joining a law enforcement gang and sexual assault.

The commission has the power to permanently revoke an officer’s certification, meaning they can never work again as a California police officer. As a lesser punishment, the commission can also suspend an officer’s certification for up to three years.
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The audit also reportedly found that troopers not only falsified thousands of tickets but more than 32,000 were inaccurate.

“Those people should go, and I think their management should take a look at themselves as well,” Lamont said.

Ken Barone with the Public Policy Institute at the University of Connecticut pushed for the audit.
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This is the money sentence right here:
According to an internal investigation, troopers falsified tickets for their own personal benefit as those who appear productive are often eligible for federally funded overtime.
They could and absolutely should be arrested and charged with federal fraud.