The Worst of the Police

It’s those damn cops again!

You know what’s coming don’t you ? Well, defund the police idea is being stolen. The rich, and the billionaires are hijacking the idea. They’ll do the same thing as the college universities, they’ll cut off the budget money$, tell the police department’s to “seize more loot, property, stuff etc” to fund themselves. The rich will save on their taxes!

They have already done it with colleges. The schools ( state universities) have been turned into money making machines, on ever corner, at every level of the university!!
It’s true.

All part of the capitalist, machine.

yes, it’s outta hand. Way out of hand.

I got bad feelings about this country, I’m more positive Trump is leaving, but there is a truck load of work to be done. And, it won’t be easy. The Republicans and their corporate pals are going to oppose as much as they can.

LA Sheriff Won’t Enforce Stay-At-Home Orders​

This nation is chock full O idiots.

Mexican president proposes stripping immunity from US agents​

I like how they point the finger at Mexico as being corrupt. LMAO!!!

Well, pot, meet kettle. Kettle, pot. I'm sure you both have lots to talk about.
Gives vets a bad name.

I want them rounded up !

The cops deal, and them, Barr gave them a license to kill! He poured gas an threw the match!