The Jan 6th TRAITORS

Lindell has been banned from appearing on Fox as a guest for three years now, but they were still willing to take his money and run ads for his business to their audience which was largely friendly and sympathetic to his plight. But now, Lindell has even burned that bridge. He was a true success story at one point, going from a homeless crack addict to tens of millions in pillow sales. Everything was going so well for Lindell in life up until 2016.

Then he met Donald Trump.

And now he's ruined.
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Hi there - we’re Noah Bookbinder (President), Donald Sherman (Chief Counsel) and Nikhel Sus (Director of Strategic Litigation) with Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a non-partisan ethics watchdog organization based in DC. Tomorrow, we will be at the Supreme Court as part of the legal team representing the voters challenging Trump's eligibility to be on the presidential primary ballot in the case Trump v. Anderson, et al. Here’s the proof: .

The questions are well moderated so that the answers have some substance to reveal.
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