The Jan 6th TRAITORS

The state Republican committee asked the court late Wednesday to overturn the ruling issued by the Colorado Supreme Court earlier this month, when it struck Trump from the state’s presidential primary ballot. The court ruled that Trump engaged in an insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, disqualifying him from the presidency under an interpretation of the 14th Amendment — but paused its ruling until the Supreme Court could weigh in.
I don't think SCOTUS will. I think that's why they declined the previous push from Jack Smith (?). They don't want to have to rule against him and incur his rath and social media outbursts.
The reason they didn't take up Smith's case is because the case was already under review at the appellate level. SCOTUS didn't want to completely eliminate that step of the process and rightly so. (Smith tried to skip that step to speed things up. I was hoping they would do it, but figured they may not.)

That case is also about Trump having "complete immunity" per his claims. It has nothing to do with being kicked off the ballot.

Of course. He's giving all of that up now since he plead guilty in Georgia and is a cooperating witness.

And SCOTUS will take that up and they will wipe their collective asses with that decision and send it back to Colorado.

I don't think they have a choice in the matter whatsoever. Of course, once they do, that also shoots down Maine and anybody else that wants to try it. (There are presently about a dozen states with it in the works.)
And this is why I can't stand our legal system. All of this shit snowballing and it's all going to do nothing but make everybody jump on the bandwagon about removing EVERYBODY from ballots everywhere.

There's already some gossip about Biden being removed from multiple state ballots as well as both of Georgia's democratic Senators for next election and two democratic congressmen from the upcoming election.

It's caused nothing but a shit storm that is going to be stomped all over by SCOTUS and then everybody is going to blame SCOTUS for it when they will be right.

Democrats have gone just as batshit crazy as the GOP has, and it's putting this entire country on the express elevator straight to hell.
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The three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit based its decision on a ruling in a separate case brought by two Capitol Police officers and a group of House Democrats that was handed down earlier this month. In its Dec. 1 opinion, the D.C. Circuit rejected Trump's claim that he is shielded from civil liability because his alleged actions in connection to the Jan. 6 attack fell within the official functions of the presidency.

I understand OJ can tell Trump 33 million reasons why he's screwed...
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This too will make its way to SCOTUS I'm sure. That's sort of the beauty of all the filings Trump makes - it gives a LOT of opportunities for fast tracking these claims, making it nearly impossible for even a Trump appointed judge to hold things off for any period of time.

Example: if this one get to SCOTUS before the other one based out of Florida (the one Jack Smith tried to get fast tracked) then the Florida ruling becomes moot and it's all over.
Remembering assistant Attorney General under Donald Trump, Richard Donoghue, who on this day in 2021 stopped a possible takeover of the Justice Department by Jeffrey Clark by putting the worst take down on him since Billy Batts told Tommy D. to go get his shine box.

"You're not competent to serve as Attorney General. You've never been a criminal attorney. You've never conducted a criminal investigation in your entire life. You've never even been in front of a grand jury, much less a trial jury. You're an environmental lawyer. How about you go back to your office and we'll call you when there's an oil spill."​
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It's getting beyond ridiculous.

So this is more of that "Absolute Immunity" defense Trump's lawyers are pushing. A judge asked Trump's lawyer the following question:

“Could a president order SEAL Team Six to assassinate a political rival? That is an official act, an order to SEAL Team Six?”​
“He would have to be, and would speedily be impeached and convicted before the criminal prosecution,” Sauer said.​
“I asked you a yes or no question,” Pan said.​
“If he were impeached and convicted first,” Sauer replied, later insisting that the “political process” of impeachment “would have to occur” before any prosecution could be initiated.​
So, if this ruling goes Trump's way, according to Trump's lawyer, Biden could have Trump assassinated and there wouldn't be anything anybody could do about it unless you got a 2/3rd's majority in the Senate to convict Biden for it, which you could not possibly get at this point.

If I were Trump, I don't think I'd like my lawyers arguing that point while the Democrats hold the Senate Majority.
Well, people forget that Lincoln actually suspended habeas corpus altogether during the civil war. He locked up anybody he even remotely though deserved it. No charges, no trial, no nothing. Just jailed for years until it was all over.

With all these idiots talking about civil war over and over again, I'd do the same damn thing and start locking every single one of them up indefinitely.
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