Ukraine / Russia Thread

In a video posted on Prigozhin’s social media channels, Lt Col Roman Venevitin, the commander of Russia’s 72nd Brigade, tells an interrogator that, while drunk, he had ordered his troops to fire on a Wagner convoy.

In the footage, which resembled clips of prisoner of war soldiers, Venevitin said he acted because of his “personal dislike” for Wagner and then apologised.

Well, here we go:

Apparently, Russia blew the dam to protect that flank. It's probably going to come back to bite them right in the ass though as it is possible that a power plant they're in control of further down river will be flooded out completely.
Isolating yourself as much as possible is a sure way to win hearts and minds.

Putin remains a master strategist.

Truth be told, they had no idea those leaders were even there. Their intelligence services are completely inept when it comes to actual diplomacy.
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