Ukraine / Russia Thread

Well, we all knew it would end that way.

I tell you, there's bravery and there's stupidity. He was stupid. There's a golden rule to victory: Live today, fight tomorrow. When he was warned not to return to Russia, he should have listened.

Think of the campaign he could have been running the last few years over the whole Ukraine war from here in the States or France or Germany.

It would have been Biblical.

Oh well.
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Kazakhstan, which is upgrading its air fleet, auctioned off 117 Soviet-era fighter and bomber aircraft, including MiG-31 interceptors, MiG-27 fighter bombers, MiG-29 fighters, and Su-24 bombers from the 1970s and 1980s.

The declared sale value was one billion Kazakhstani tenge, or $2.26 million, said the Post, meaning the average value of each plane was $19,300.
The US purchased 81 of the aged, unusable warplanes, said the Ukrainian Telegram channel Insider UA, per the Post.
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Ukrainian special forces are fighting side by side with Syrian rebels against Russian mercenaries and Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime in the Middle Eastern country, the outlet reported.

It released a video obtained from sources within the Ukrainian Main Directorate of Intelligence.

According to the outlet, the video, dated March 2024, shows Ukrainian special forces targeting Russian checkpoints, strongholds, foot patrols, and convoys of military equipment in southwest Syria.


Ukrainian special forces were reportedly seen interrogating captured Wagner mercenaries in Sudan in an undated video shared by the Kyiv Post in February.

Sergey Sukhankin, a senior fellow at the Jamestown Foundation, told BI at the time that the operation may have been part of "some sort of tacit agreement" between Western allies and Ukraine to battle Russian mercenaries in Africa, in exchange for certain military backing for Ukraine in its war against Russia.

Having someone who speaks the language certainly helps.
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