Ukraine / Russia Thread

So there's this:

“The situation on the western flanks is developing according to the worst of the predicted scenarios. Those territories that were liberated with blood and lives of our comrades every day progressing by dozens or hundreds of meters during many months, today are abandoned almost without any fight by those who are supposed to hold our flanks," Prigozhin said in a Telegram message Thursday.​
Then there's this:

Prigozhin says that Ukraine's counter offensive is already in full swing. Zelinsky says that it launches in a few more days at least.

If Prigozhin is wrong, boy oh boy the Russians are REALLY in big trouble.
There were stories of that, that territory has started to be recaptured....whether it's the real counter-offense or just routing of russian attackers is yet to be seen.

I did read Prigozhin was angry with russian troops who fled the battle field.
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Unlike the other leaders, he had to be driven around the small perimeter where the event took place. He also missed an official lunch with Putin.

Reuters noted that Lukashenko looked “tired and a little unsteady on his feet, and a bandage was visible on his right hand… though he otherwise showed no obvious signs of being unwell.”

Later the same day, Lukashenko attended the Victory Day ceremony in Minsk. However, he broke from tradition and wore a suit instead of his military uniform and did not make a speech. Lukashenko has also attended very few events in the past two weeks.

Someone in the comments mention the 'window pusher' must be on vacation if they've resorted to poison.
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