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There's also these picking it up.

This is what I mean. Iit's like they have to really convince Putin he's going to be arrested if he shows.
And notice the Reuters article does not mention arresting Putin at all. It's not even remotely suggested.

There's a very big difference between saying Putin will be arrested in South Africa and that South African officials stated that they were not leaving the ICC, that a mistake had been made.

The other articles also do not mention a thing about the President of South Africa saying Putin will be arrested. Some hotheaded politician in a district that has no authority to do so where Putin will not even be visiting said it, but nobody else did.

That's like Marjorie Taylor Green saying she's going to have President Macron arrested when he visits California.

Once again, the media takes a nothing burger and tries to turn it into something for clicks.
And notice the Reuters article does not mention arresting Putin at all. It's not even remotely suggested.

Actually, he threatened to quit because of the Putin problem until he was informed he couldn't unilaterally quit the ICC. So now he wants to petition the ICC to set up an automonous but equal 'Hague-like" court.

From the Reuters article:
The ICC issued an arrest warrant in March for Putin, accusing him of the war crime of forcibly deporting children from Russian-occupied territory in Ukraine. Moscow denies committing war crimes including forced deportations of children, and says the ICC has no authority as Russia is not a member.

Putin is due to visit South Africa in August for a summit of the BRICS group of emerging economies comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. As an ICC member, South Africa would be required to detain him.

Putin has not travelled abroad since the ICC warrant was issued. He has made only one trip outside the former Soviet Union - to Iran - since launching the invasion of Ukraine last year.

The ANC decided at its national conference in December that South Africa should abandon a legislative process to pull out of the ICC and try to effect changes to the organisation from within.

The presidency said on Wednesday that South Africa would work towards establishing an African continental criminal court that would complement the ICC as a court of last resort.

Are you just getting the paywall partial front of Rueters articles?

President Putin will be asked by South Africa to attend a key summit via Zoom and not in person after Pretoria sought legal advice about its obligations to arrest the Russian leader, who has been indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court.

Putin was invited to attend a gathering of the heads of a five-strong bloc of emerging economies made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and the hosts, South Africa.

South Africa has refused to support sanctions against Russia or condemn its aggression in Ukraine. However, the recent issuing of an arrest warrant for Putin by the ICC, which has accused him of forcibly deporting Ukrainian children from Russian-occupied territory, has left South Africa’s governing party in an awkward position ...

SA's leader is learning a vey hard political fact because SA politics still remembers the last embargo over Mandela.

But with the U.S. estimating that 20,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine since December and a further 80,000 injured, Kyiv is determined to rob Putin of any positive PR, and Ukrainian forces are digging in, with heavy fighting continuing around Bakhmut.

“The occupiers can already claim the Guinness record for the frequency of changing deadlines. After May 1 did not work, it was postponed to May 9,” said Serhii Cherevatyi, the spokesman for Ukraine’s Army Command East, referring to Russia’s attempts to take Bakhmut, a strategic town that has seen some of the heaviest fighting in recent months.

An interesting use of the 100,000 figure. The other article implied that 20k killed were within a 2 month period.
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They are literally making it up as they go along.

One thing is certain: Russia has been throwing pretty much everything but the kitchen sink at Bakhmut for months on end and it's still hotly contested.

That does not bode well at all for Russia. This has turned into a reverse Stalingrad for them.