Ukraine / Russia Thread

If this is true, wow. Just wow.

In late January, with his mercenary forces dying by the thousands in a fight for the ruined city of Bakhmut, Wagner Group owner Yevgeniy Prigozhin made Ukraine an extraordinary offer.​
Prigozhin said that if Ukraine’s commanders withdrew their soldiers from the area around Bakhmut, he would give Kyiv information on Russian troop positions, which Ukraine could use to attack them. Prigozhin conveyed the proposal to his contacts in Ukraine’s military intelligence directorate, with whom he has maintained secret communications during the course of the war, according to previously unreported U.S. intelligence documents leaked on the group-chat platform Discord.​
Officials are now not allowed to resign in Russia.

The source added that the Kremlin sees the desire to resign as a betrayal and that it has tasked civil servants with "demonstrating unity.”

“I know of at least two cases where governors tried to leave their posts, but they were not just prohibited by the Internal Policy Department (of the presidential administration), it was also hinted at that they could face criminal prosecution,” iStories quoted a former employee in the Federal Security Service (FSB) as saying.
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Officials are now not allowed to resign in Russia.
I think that's more because they're fast running out of officers than anything else. I read they lost something like 5 colonels in one day over the weekend.

This also caught my eye. Russia's Achilles heel?
I think that's window dressing. They're still trying to legitimize that "drone attack" on the Kremlin that they themselves obviously staged.
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