Elite Dangerous

Got the new GPU in. The difference is amazing. Probably hard to tell from screen shots, but this thing is simply awesome. I maxed out all the settings and the 3060 Ti doesn't even break a sweat.

Going into Hyperspace, the 960 used to drop to around 45 FPS. This thing at twice the settings doesn't budge.


The texture detail and 16x AA being cranked up really makes a staggering difference.

In cockpit.jpg

In port is where it used to stammer the most, dropping to between 20 and 25 FPS. Again, this thing doesn't budge.

In port.jpg

I guess this Christmas would be a good time to look for a 2k or 4k monitor.
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Since I have no clue on this game... is this a big deal??? :)
Yes, it is.

It's like having your own star port you can take anywhere in the Galaxy.

Example: When I used to go on an exploration journey, I'd have to "jump" around 95 times to get to where I'm currently exploring, which is around 6,000 Light Years away from Sol (our sun). If something happens to my ship out there, I'm a goner unless I get really, really lucky and am able to make it back.

My Fleet Carrier can jump out there in 9 jumps. If I get in trouble now, I just go back to the carrier, repair and head back out in just a few jumps max.

Another huge advantage is that the fleet carrier is indestructible. So should I be playing in Open and somebody is chasing me all I have to do is make it within range of the carrier and I'm safe.

There's a lot of advantages to having one, but they are incredibly expensive and cost millions per week to keep up. (The more features it has and the more cargo you're carrying, the more it costs.)
What very little French I know is left over from high school. Just the essentials like how much is that, where's the bathroom, what time is it, how are you, etc.

I could never spell it though. I have enough issues in English. My German spelling is about the same, but my French would probably look like a bowl of alphabet soup more than anything else.
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