Elite Dangerous

No I have not.
I think I can imagine half that joke (tickey)...I'm still trying to figure out how a Schuller cycle would be involved (if I have the right Schuller).

Go ahead make my day!
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So this guy is driving to work one day and traffic is bad so he takes a different route. Going down a street he doesn't travel very often, he sees a sign:


He's baffled.

Helmut Schuller? CHINESE laundry?

It eats at him all day long and all evening, so the next day he grabs a couple of shirts and slacks to take in to see what's up. He walks in and sure enough there's this small, elderly Chinese man standing there.

So he hands over his clothes, says he'd like them drycleaned, starch in the collars and cuffs only, then says, "I'm sorry, I have to ask this, but Helmut Schuller?"

The Chinese man smiles at him, shakes his head and says, "Oh yeah. That. Well, see, when I came over years ago you still had to go through Ellis Island. When I was in line, I was behind this big German fellow. As the line moved along, finally he got up to the man at the hallway's end and that guy asked him, "what's your name" and he said, "Helmut Schuller".'

The man wrote a name tag for him, noted in his notebook and told him to move along to the next guy down the hall.

So then the man turns to me and says, "what's your name" and I said "Sam Ting".
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