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That's the whole point of topping. It allegedly changes the plants growing dynamic to make the side stems grow just as fast as the main stems.

I have no idea how accurate that is, but I've read it in many places.

In my limited experience, it does seem to work.
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So it's roughly 2 weeks later and I just started the LST on the two larger top branches and the two smaller lower branches. I'm hoping to get a plus sign, or X if you will, out of it with a couple of colas on each branch.

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So things are really rolling along now. He were are just 10 days later:


The two main branches are already outside of the tomato rack. The lower two are almost there. I think once the lower two get outside the tomato rack proper, I'm going to change bulbs to the HPS, lower the timer to 12 hours on/off and go into flower.
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It's really making up for lost time. It's grown a good 4 inches since Sunday, so I'm going to go ahead and flip it to flower. I've reset the timer for 12 hours to run from 7AM to 7PM.

I'm presently waiting for the metal halide bulb to cool down, but here's a pic of her under the normal light of the basement:


Pic of the bulbs I use - note how much smaller the high pressure sodium is than the metal halide, yet it puts out nearly double the lumens:


Edit to add: Also note the clod hopping size 11 foot of mine. Didn't notice it until I posted the pic.

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