Cookies Gelato Grow

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Seed bank: Royal Queen Seeds
Strain: Cookies Gelato
Data from RQS:
THC - up to 28%​
Type - 50% Indica / 50% Sativa​
Genetics - Girl Scout Cookies / Gelato 33​

Grow materials / conditions:
Type: Indoor​
Container: 15 gallon Vivosun fabric pot (this will be my first fabric pot grow)​
Soil mix: Vigoro Garden Soil, Miracle Grow perlite, Miracle Grow garden lime​
Nutrients: Miracle Grow general purpose (Veg), Miracle Grow tomato formula (Flower)​
Lighting: Window sun to germinate, 175 watt metal halide seedling, 600 watt metal halide veg, 600 watt high pressure sodium flower​
Method: LST (This will be my first LST attempt. I've always simply topped and let them go before.)​
This will be my first experience with Royal Queen seeds. My seed bank has always been ILGM, but their prices have simply gotten to a point of ridiculous. $100.00 for 5 seeds? Honestly?

They're good and I've always used them, but they've simply priced me out of their product.

These Royal Queen seeds were on sale and I got 3 seeds for $34.15. They also threw in a free Critical Mass seed as a bonus, so all told I got 4 seeds for 65% less than ILGM gets for 5. I'll be growing the Critical Mass seed after this grow, and I'm looking forward to trying it because a friend highly recommended it long ago but I never got around to ordering any to try it.

I put one Cookies Gelato seed on to germinate on Saturday using the wet paper towel in a Ziplock bag left open method that I've always used. This morning, it looked like this:


So into the peat plug it went.


It'll sit in the window until it gets a couple of small leaves on it, then it will move straight to the basement to the 15 gallon pot.

do not touch.jpg
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Those could be pictures from my house. Everything's looking good!

I will say that is one product I noticed our government store got right this year was besides seeds there was a seed mix pack (2 seeds x 3 varieties) available!

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Something has gone wrong. It should have been up and sprouted by now with ease. I either buried it too deep or it flipped upside down as I covered it or something.

I'm going to give it to Saturday and if I don't see anything by then I'll dig it up and find out what went wrong and start over if I have to.
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Our little Beau has been making up for lost time growing 2 inches in two days.


I'm going to go ahead and mix the soil up, get the pot filled on on the platform and set up the 175 watt halide and see if I can get this thing off the ground.
So here we go - First off, I get a couple bags of Vigoro garden soil (not potting soil, it's not worth the extra expense) and empty them into my wheelbarrow.


Then I throw in 1 and a half bags of Perlite and about two cups of Garden Lime:


Spent about 15 minutes mixing that up with a three pronged garden hand rake:


Then into the 15 gallon fabric grow pot. (NOTE: first cloth pot grow ever.)

The pot is sitting on the table top of an old, plastic table I bought long ago for spray painting objects out in the yard. (I would set the table up, cover it with newspaper and tape it in place, then paint whatever it was.) I'm using it here so that if water leaks through the fabric pot I'll see it pooling up on the table and be able to vacuum it up (a 20 gallon wet/dry shop vac is on standby just out of frame).

I then soaked it down with 2.5 gallons of water and waited. Nothing leaked out, so I'm good to go.

Transplant our little Beau into the pot, then spray with more fresh water to set it, then put the tomato rack in place and we're on our way:


It will stay under the 175 for the foreseeable future until it gets at least several good leaves on it. Then the Big Unit 600 watt halide will be hooked up in place of the 175, light reflectors will be put in place and the circulation fan hooked up.

Light timer is running 18 hours on, 6 hours off.
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It may be over before it even really began. Cosmo (the dog) went to check it out and smashed it with his nose. Bent the VERY skinny stalk at a 90 degree angle.

I tried to straighten it back out, but it looks bad. I slid a piece of cardboard underneath it so it could lay on its side without kinking. I'm sure if I try to stand it upright it's going to break right in half.

I guess we'll know in a day or 2 if it's going to survive. I'm not going to hold my breath.