World Of Warships Employee Suspended After Sending Abusive Message In Promo Code

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About "privacy" on this site:

Anything posted here is public. If you want to keep something private, either don't post it at all or send it in a Private Message. You can "tag" (read as invite) as many people to that private message as you want.

Odds are, nobody will find any of this as most of our past members are no longer active. As long as you don't create a new thread with a thread title regarding what you're posting, it would be very long odds for anybody to come across it, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

When the time comes though that you want to publish it, then that would be when you create a new thread in the main "Wargaming" section and post it. Then I can sticky it and share it out on social media as can others and it spreads that way.
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@Gomez Adams I'll delete all my posts here if they pay me off fairly in standard server downtime rates since Oct 30
Sounds reasonable.

Did you cover that previous saga with a bit in common with mine?
You have to take into account that I am not the original site owner and writer. Those two guys are gone now. But I did remember something about a lot of people charging back purchases.

So I went over to the old site an searched and here it is. It was called 'The Russian Rage Quit'. It was originally written by Thing 1.

The skinny is that people were sick to death of buying a tank only to have it nerfed into oblivion a few months later, so someone came up with this:


And here’s how you do it:​
Go to your PayPal Account and file charge backs on your last charges to Wargaming as “Goods Not as Described” and then select “Other”. Then you simply explain how you received the goods, but that Wargaming deliberately runs their game in such a way that anything you buy quickly devalues. Go on to explain that they are deliberately ripping off customers this way, while interacting with the community as little as possible, not even listening to feedback from community contributors, firing any who speak out about this practice and how their customer support consist only of auto-responders that deny any and all claims. Go on to explain how there are no real customer support agents anymore and that they are simply unreachable by phone to discuss the matter with at all.​
Guess what, folks? PayPal will try to contact them too. You know what happens then? They meet with the same brick wall, bullshit auto-responder service that you meet with all the time.​
You know what happens then?​
THIS is what happens then:​
Now, bear in mind that you WILL lose your account. They will lock that fucker up tighter than a drum. But do you really give a shit?​

Of course you don’t!

You’re Russian Rage Quiting!​
Now, here comes the REAL payoff of it all:​
Under the law, you can only charge back 120 days of PayPal charges to Wargaming in dispute of “Goods not as described”.​
Most of my purchases are before 6 months. So wargaming gets to freeze an account and steal all purchases because their CCs know I don't like LGBTP gay pride state sponsored child rape and grooming more than the average Joe. This is rich....
It is if it's true.

What I do know is that a good many of them are actual Wargaming employees. It's been that way since they started downsizing when everything started going belly up for them back in 2015.

They had a lot of people doing double duty and even triple duty in some cases. I can only imagine that has gotten worse, which would allow them to do pretty much any manner of thing they wanted.

Example: Felecia Johnson

She was the customer service manager of Wargaming America. She was also a moderator for World of Tanks and World of Warships forums and other things.

When the forum thugs started accusing me and I think it was three or four other people, including the original site owner, of being the same person, she actually took their side no questions asked and started a full blown witch hunt.

Imagine her embarrassment when she found out we were not only not the same people, but that several of the accounts that were accusing us of that were in fact the same person.

She wasn't around long after that. I think she was fired in 2015 along with nearly everybody else in California not long after I was permabanned from World of Warships forum for not liking all the anime crap.

They were all like that though - every employee was in with their little clique of followers trolling the hell out of people on the forums for lack of anything better to do.

I don't imagine that practice has changed at all. It's Wargaming. They've always been that way. They will to the bitter end.

I hate to laugh, but it is simply ridiculous how bad they are. "This is an automated ticket" after "we apologize for the long silence".

It basically says, "Here is a worthless automated response. If you would like another worthless automated response, please reply again and we'll send you one right away."
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Wargaming is not half the company it used to be anymore. Most of their employees are gone.

The ENTIRE North American office is actually housed in a very small office that used to be a dentist in Austin, Tx.

My house is actually far larger than the entire North American office is. In fact, you could fit it in my basement.
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It's at this point that I have to say something:

I have absolutely no idea what you're doing or what you're trying to do.

There are so many attachments and so many posts covering the same topics that I simply cannot keep up with it. This thread has me so completely turned around, I don't know what on earth to make of it. It literally makes no sense at all to me at this point.

It appears as though they (on Discord) are having the same issue - nobody can make heads or tails out of what you're posting. It sort of rambles around in circles without spelling anything out.

What I thought (and frankly hoped) you were going to do is make one coherent post about what happened in a timeline manner. Example:
  • First, I tried to buy some dabloons.
  • Then I was in a chat with ___________.
  • Then this was said.
  • I disagreed and then I was banned.
  • A week or two later, my account was locked for a charge back that I didn't do.
  • Then I discovered that they simply never processed the order.
Something like that. A "from the start to the finish, step by step" post about what happened.

Many of the posts you've made actually accuse me of wrongdoing because of how you word them, for example:
You previously asked for and got correspondence and screenshots from my bank proving they blame you for the aug 30 transaction and they are not at fault.

You have not provided a detailed view of the Aug 30 transaction from your payment gateway portal, therefore in my eyes it's not my/banks fault and you have something to hide. Visa transaction trace incoming to confirm your end blocked settlement....

You will unblock my card from double-paying the funds you forfieted to Visa for deliberately not sending for settlement for 2 months/your SJW support extortion fee. I will try and get the Aug 30; transaction back from visa.

I suggest you read this document and compare it to your support practice before you rack up more fines:
It took me a few minutes to realize that you weren't actually accusing me.

I don't know if it's a "lost in translation" problem on my end or if maybe you're just so mad about this whole event that you're getting ahead of yourself in your posting.

It does seem a bit odd though that you went over there trying to pick a fight when you still haven't heard back from VISA yet. Or, at least, you haven't informed me that you had.

I don't know why he banned you or if in fact it was him, but looking at the screen shots you just posted, they couldn't make any sense of anything you were trying to say so they simply moved your thread.

Then, after you kept posting things they didn't get they simply banned you rather than try to sort it out.

I honestly don't know what to tell you at this point other than you've posted a TON of posts with a TON of attachments that it would take at least a full week of my undivided attention to try to sort out one by one because you're not effectively explaining anything about any of them.

My honest recommendation is:


Start over.

Make a timeline of events. Sort out the entire thing from beginning to end and tell that story. Just do it in words first as simply as possible. Then I can try to go from there to sort out the rest.
Well, apparently you left a link here to the very posts you said you wanted nobody to find.

Wargaming Austin, Texas is here looking around at this thread right now.

I can only assume that the AT&T IP from Atlanta is Ahskance himself.
I've proven they can block players from paypal who have never used paypal,
That's not possible.

They blocked your account from the ability to make purchases completely. It wouldn't matter what form of payment you tried, they simply turned off your ability to make a purchase.

A way to test that is to create an alternate account and make a purchase as a gift to that account. It won't work, I'm sure.

As for the rest, that's some pretty damning allegations if they turn out to be true. That's the sort of thing people can go to jail over if it happened in the United States.

I have no idea about what penalties they have over there in Asia.
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