TV providers vs no TV provider


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Dec 1, 2020
Hey Guys..

Been wondering. I've got comcast cable TV. And, I'm considering whether or not to keep it or not ? ( As in cutting cost )

So, however, I would like to find an alterative to keep some TV also. What I do watch a lot of course is the "news." ex: CNN, MSNBC, maybe the networks NBC, or local new etc.

I also watch stuff off of Amazon Prime, on my TV through the comcast connection on to the TV. That's really about all I watch now.

So, If I cut off my cable TV, then how would I get the News Networks I watch ?

Watch else can I get ? I've heard there are other ways to get TV... I've heard about these fire sticks, Roku, not sure what the others are ? Are their other ways cheaper, and is there something else I don't know about ? Alternative means ?
We bought this house before they finished building it in 2003. We started with Direct TV. It was reasonable at 60 dollars per month. Two years later they jacked us to 120 per month.

So we got a deal with Dish Network to switch. It dropped back down to 60 per month for year. Then two years later we're right back to 120 dollars per month.

Both were about 150 channels of nothing to watch. ESPN and local news was really all I was using. At about that same time Netflix had switched to streaming. (It used to be they just shipped you a DVD and you sent it back, which we had since day one.)

I finally had enough and started looking into exactly what you're looking into: alternatives. None of them were attractive because in the end they all wound up giving you a deal for a year or two then jacking your rates back up again.

So I said screw it and flat out cancelled it. You should have seen the deals they were hurling at me when I said that.

I bought a cheap, 30 dollar powered antennae from Amazon, installed it on the overhand on the back of the house, used a phone app to aim it at the broadcast towers and I get 60 channels plus my local news. It's basically the same as cheap cable: 60 channels of nothing to watch.

But it's free. Always. Yeah, during a massive storm you can lose signal depending on the channel, but so what? The same thing happened with satellite but you lost it all.

We also have Netflix, Hulu, Disney and Amazon Prime. All in that's about 45 or 50 dollars per month. If you can't find something to watch at my place, you've got problems.
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That how I end up with $79 - $99 monthly fees. At the end I go so far as to order the other company. When the changeover paperwork goes through (for the phone number) the deals start popping left and right.
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You can order channels a la carte and add them to Amazon or Hulu. I thought about adding ESPN back for 5 dollars per month, but then it occurred to me that I really don't watch that much sports anymore.

Most of the sports I watch are the big ones: The Monaco Grand Prix, the Indy 500, etc. and they're all on broadcast TV anyway so I get those for free.
it's just that sometimes, I keep hearing these wild stories from some people about these crazy deals where people tell stories of how that are getting all this free TV where they can watch anything they want either from the web, or from air, or what have you with these gimmick devices, or I hear other people talking about how their doing it? And, I'm like "How are they doing what they are claiming ? Is it just "hot talk" blowing air up peoples legs, or what?" Are they doing something illegal ? or what ?

You know like some crazy adds you might read buried in the lines of a magazine or something ?

It make's me look silly even bringing this up even. And, I don't know what I'm talking about to be perfectly honest; I just hear this crazy crap from people sometimes, and I'm like, "What are they a talking about ? is this some type of secret thing or what ?"
If it's an add, it's advertising something you pay for.s

Air TV is truly free, less the cost of the antennae. That's because of Federal Law. Most of it is 1080i (720p) digital.

To my knowledge, Netflix doesn't have add on services. Amazon and Hulu do. You could go to air TV, get all your local channels and then some, then get Hulu (ad free is around 12 dollars per month I think) and then add any other channel they offer as an addon, like HBO Max, Showtime, etc. They still cost what the would cost if you have cable, but you don't pay for cable.

And Hulu has just as many old sitcoms on it as Netflix does.

So depending on what you're paying now for your cable TV, you could shell out around 35 bucks for an antennae, 20 bucks for a cable, you run it into your existing wiring, and you're done. You never have a TV bill again.

Then stream the rest.

Any advantage to this thing ? Or, is this just extra cost etc;
If you have a smart TV with digital antennae ability you don't need anything but the antennae. Most decent TV's have it. Our 2019 65 inch Samsung 4k has it. So does our ancient Sony 32 inch flatscreen in the bedroom.
That amazon item stills needs an HD antenna and a broadband connection. It simply allows those to go to a smart phone or smart TV and gives a recording option.
If you have a smart TV with digital antennae ability you don't need anything but the antennae. Most decent TV's have it. Our 2019 65 inch Samsung 4k has it. So does our ancient Sony 32 inch flatscreen in the bedroom.
This one of mine, does not. The current cable set up TV box make's it possible however. If I remove the cable it will no any longer have any capability. This flat screen does not have any smart TV capability.