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Charles Leclerc, DNF

"The bottom line today is that the engine issue is what compromised our race. We were losing substantial lap time compared to the other cars, so we tried to go on slicks, knowing that it was our only chance to try to finish in the points. There was nothing to lose and I’ve got no regrets on that.

"This one hurts and it’s a big loss of points for the team with both of us unable to finish. We will look into the issue we had to make sure it doesn’t happen again."
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So this morning I stubble across the F1 Channel on Samsung TV and they're playing the 2004 French Grand Prix.

Ferando Alonso was on pole with Michael Schumacher 2nd.

Schumi in his Ferrari would eventually overtake Alonso for the win with Alonso finishing 2nd in his Renault.

Alonso finished 6th in Canada yesterday in his Astin Martin.