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Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Around 11:00 AM today (Saturday, 4th December) I had a problem with a 503 error getting to the site. I also noticed it seemed to lag a bit. To me, it seemed to sort itself out about 10 minutes later and run OK.

If anybody is having any speed issues or connection issues with the site, please let me know in this thread. There was an event on the logs at 10:58 AM but there hasn't been one since.

I just want to make sure the site is running as it should.

Thanks in advance and sorry for any issues.
I tell you, the greed just never ends.

When you-know-who first registered this domain in 2016, it was $1.00 per year.

By the time he handed it off to me in 2021, it was up to $9.99 per year.

It just hit $17.99 per year.

A 1,700% price increase in 7 years for doing, quite literally, nothing.
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The template updated overnight and fried a bunch of stuff. I've had to do a force reinstall to fix it, so some things have reverted to the defaults. I'll fix them in order as I can.

Sorry for the weirdness.
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Those links appeared in thread titles again today.


I followed one thinking it would open the thread - it does not. It links to an on-page fold out add for those games. Goodle has you advertising WoT and WoW and ED
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