I believe his son tested positive first.
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Now he’s accusing people of peddling dope down in GA, with the election workers. 🤣

I think the Covid has gotten into his brain

Now that's interesting because I'm sure the first time the reporter did the segment they used the term reefer. Which is still referred to in the article.
"Investigators say the teens planned to rob Jackson of his reefer and several eyewitnesses identified the duo on the scene at the time of the murder."

What's really weird is in my email conversation, the reporter actually tells me her cameraman said she shouldn't have used the term 'reefer'.

I got a kick out of your email.
Reefer is definitely an old school term for marijuana from 70’s not necessarily limited to South . My photographer told me not to say it. Haha I should have listened to him. Thanks for watching !
(Or reading my Report online)"

In regards to the email message you'll have to take my word that is her reply.

But definitely Columbus Georgia my friend.
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Well, I hope someone thinks killing a person with a shotgun blast over 70.00 worth of pot was worth going to the penitentiary for it ? 🙄