Pelosi says if you don't 25th him, we will Impeach him immediately!

I'm hoping they don't do it and don't impeach him. I'd rather not give Pence the chance to pardon him. No way Biden would do it because it would be political suicide for him and his entire administration.
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But Trump will never resign. Ever. To do that would be to admit defeat.

He'll pardon himself. Or try, that is. It was one of the first things he asked when he took office. It was debated for days in the media.

He planned that all along.
But, if he pardons himself, the door is left open that it could be over turned. The guy on the other day who debated that and said that IF he does self pardon himself, "it's not a done deal; it can be "undone; it's never been clarified, nor had it been fully decided. He said that it full of holes. And, it subject to being overturned fairly easily. It can be brought back and un-done, and simply overturned."