Google Adsense Activated

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
OK guys, we finally got approved by Google Adsense. So things might get a bit dicey for the next few hours. I've got it set on automatic so Google decides what ads are displayed and where they are displayed.

If it gets too far out of control I'll try to place them manually, but for the next few days I just want to leave it on autopilot and see how it goes.

Thanks for the understanding!
Cool deal. I know you tried that before and got shot down. Guess the venue change and new format was the winner. I don't see anything yet but I've seen the header get huge a couple times.
Yeah. I tried originally when we just were trying to switch away from World of Tanks to a more general forum.

I think now since most of the toxic content is gone they approved us. I also think this forum software is much better suited to advertising and that had a good bit to do with it as well.

It should be dicey for hours, maybe even a couple days until the ads become stabilized and display smoothly.
OK, I think I've got things set now to where they'll stay. If anybody has any gripes/concerns/requests, please make them here.

FYI: I do not yet have access to ad preference. I think we get that after it's been running a few weeks.
On my phone at work. The mobile ads are messed up some. They're usually just square ads that look good but now there are some that don't fit. I can just see a skinny strip of the ad but can't see the ends.
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Mine are a mix of all kinds of shit. Doesn't matter to me. I see something I'm interest in I click it. I don't I dont'.
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