Frank "Father Guido" Gaudious - February 24th, 1969 to October 16th, 2021

So I get a text from Amanda (Frank's fiancé). She's going through some of Frank's things trying to get the house organized. Here's how that went:

A: Hey, did you and Frank every play D&D?

Me: Yes. Many moons ago.

A: Ok. He bought a coffee mug for you and I think he was waiting for Christmas to give it to you. It has been sitting in the bag for a couple of months and I was pretty sure he said he bought it for you. So I have that to give to you as well. I just saw it on the shelf and remembered what it was.

Me: Awww. Very cool. All of us in the apartments played when we were kids. I was the DM. Frank, Chris, Andre, Carlos et al were the players.

A: Well it makes complete sense then. It's most definitely yours.

LOL! Same here!

I remember having to spoon feed them basic facts. In some cases it was like leaving a trail of bread crumbs so they could find their way to the logic.

One of the things they hated most about me was my strict adherence to encumbrance. I remember on one occasion as I checked the character sheets before play started, I looked at Chris and here's how that went:

Me: What the hell is this?

Chris: What?

Me: 100,000 gold pieces? Are you out of your mind?

Chris: I have an 18 strength!

Me: *sigh* Let's work with me here - a gold piece weighs about 3 ounces, right?

Chris: OK. Yeah. So.

Me: So roughly 5 gold pieces is a pound, right?

Chris: Yeah.

Me: So that means that 50 pieces is 10 pounds, 500 pieces is 100 pounds and so on. So by the time you get to 100,000 gold pieces, you're talking about 20,000 pounds. So, congratulations! You've crushed yourself to death under the weight of a fully loaded Peterbuilt. *Tears character sheet in half and hands it back to him*
I miss the old Advanced D&D game. It was awesome. My friends dad used to DM for us and he was really good. He had walls and all kinds of miniatures and all so you could really lay out what was happening. Shit I miss that. Far better than any video game I ever played.