First Indoor Grow

So it turns out my light needed a new pcb board according to the company's support diagnosis. I had to do a few driver switches before all involved realized I need a new pcb board (that's what they call the light board).
The replacement arrived yesterday.

Houston, we have a problem!

big replacement.jpg

I wonder if they even have my part still considering that the 'blurple' stuff is about 3 or 4 years old. Personally I am hoping the parts aren't there and I can get them to agree to a similar newer light (TSL-2000) for an additional $50 or less. I'm certainly not spending anymore to get the right part though.
You're probably right. I doubt they have boards that old. That's been a large part of the problem with the LED market - there are so many different makers putting them together with so many different parts that they tend to change very rapidly.
Isn't that a better board? I mean couldn't you work that into the fixture on the other end where that big area is and slide the one that's there down to where the bad one is?
So the unit on the right (green) is a top and bottom of the same unit (my bad angle/separation in the picture). Even sideways the replacement is too big and the light box as a whole is not deep enough to clear the fans of the heat sinks.
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So I was thinking this morning that I would have to contact Mars Hydro to see what is happening with my replacement board if I saw no email from them by this evening. Low and behold the new, new replacement arrived in the mail this afternoon. it is now installed and works like new!
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