That guy looks familiar. No shit. I'd love to know if that was taken anywhere around Lincoln.
So she went to the insurrection rally on January 6th. She posed for pictures with her boyfriend. The FBI came to question her all about it and were surprised to find out that her husband, a detective, was not the man in the pictures with her.

You of course can see what was coming after that.

And after the detective paid for the bad plastic surgery and jacked up lips. What a shame.
Your daily dose of Karma.

Eric Spinato, the head booker and senior story editor for the Fox Business Network, died over the weekend, the network said Monday.
Spinato's brother, Dean, wrote on social media that the cause of death had been the coronavirus.
"COVID took my brother today," he wrote. "He was a gem and one of a kind. I'm so broken and lost for words."
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