COVID Thread

Boy, I hope De Santi's get's what is coming to him one day. :mad: That's awful.

Tell me something the people who are dying, "Are they mostly older voters, which would be mostly democratic voters ?" I know from watching the election map they told something like moving southward on the Fla map means like going northward politically. They tend to vote more democratic in the key areas of the south of the state. But, there are more retired areas from the Northern U.S. there, which would mean older retires.

Is that another political dynamic for the Republicans/Trumplicans ?
It's a lot of older folks. They're not really being too specific about the groups of sick and dying. I don't think any of the numbers on our so called coronavirus site are worth anything. They've been manipulating them since the beginning.

I can tell you this though, I've seen several refrigerated semi trucks go in and out of Osceola hospital. I don't think they were delivering frozen food.

And yeah, I hope old Ron gets his right up the ass before it's all over.
Yea, once they get people infected, in the hospital, suffering, or finally dead; well there you are, they have hightailed it.

So, what is Mitch McConnell doing ? He is wanting law-suit protection for the employers, corporations, and the capitalist. And, you know what else he wants to ask of Joe Biden before he will even budge on anything? "He wants to re-instate the "3 Martini Lunch" for the Corporations. Yes, you heard that right. And, for that Mitch only offers 1 month of stimulus. Next to nothing.

They fought forever to get rid of that back in the 80's/90's, and finally did. Now, Mitch and Trump want it back for their guys.
We're getting bad up here from where we were. Our little atlantic bubble has popped toa certain degree as two of us have rising rates.

Certainly nothing like you guys.

btw Grim, good to see ya
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Thanks. This forum is much better to follow with the alerts but I'm having an issue quoting. It has this multiquote thing and I can't figure out if I have to post that or what.
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"“Those people not wearing masks in public are violating the fundamental right (right to life and health) of other citizens,” observed the bench, also comprising justices RS Reddy and MR Shah. The bench noted that in the State, people were gathering in thousands and there was no mechanism to report such gatherings.

Solicitor general Tushar Mehta, appearing for Gujarat, had opposed the high court order, calling it well-intentioned but claiming that the consequences of its implementation will be bad. Mehta informed the court that those violating mandatory wearing of masks are being fined Rs 1000 by the State Police."

The other side of the fight has been taken up by the Indian SC.
Religion is the most corrupt, moronic, ass backward force on this planet. Behind every attempt to thwart common sense public health rules, you'll find religion.

And the funny part of it all is that they're in it for the money. No church, no donations, no money. They have to keep that Learjet flying.

Thread stickied.
Grim - what's worse is we have a couple companies across the country up here using loopholes to ship Canadian snowbirds recreational vehicles south into the US. (snowbird - term for Canadians who Florida-ize during the Jan-Mar period). The snowbirds then fly in and pick up that RV they know would have been turned back at the border.
Many of them don't believe the news or numbers. They may have a heavy price to pay.
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