Your High-Strung Dog Could Probably Use Some Weed


Resident Canadian
Dec 1, 2020
Canada's Ocean Playground

Humans aren’t the only species with an endocannabinoid system—the means by which the phytochemicals of weed interact with the body. In fact, all animals—even fish and invertebrates—have one. That means all animals can benefit from the effects of cannabis on the body, including our pets. Yes, though we are still exploring how this complex system works in humans, people have started using cannabis on their mammalian besties (particularly dogs and cats) to their benefit, and maybe you should too.

If you think this sounds wild, I’d point out that cannabis is now available in most pet stores, usually in the form of CBD, and for good reasons that we will get into. Cannabinoid therapy can help pets with arthritis, anxiety, cancer, and complications of plain old aging, just as anecdotal (and even some scientific) evidence tells us it can in humans. This range of ailments covers a lot of ground, explaining its newfound popularity as a pet supplement.

While cannabis is a generally safe substance for people, some cannabinoids carry risks of acute intoxication for pets, especially smaller ones, meaning it’s important to approach giving it to them with care and caution—so before you jump in, arm yourself with some basic knowledge.