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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
This was a funny as hell conversation. My wife and I had finished breakfast and were watching the news, talking and on the news the term "RINO" came up. We all know that stands for 'Republican In Name Only'. So with that in mind, this conversation unfolded:

Her: Speaking of, I keep seeing tags (license plates) with RINO on them. Like RINO 435. I thought at first they were the custom plates.
Me: Don't be ridiculous. Probably just a coincidence; although it would be hilarious if the driver was actually a republican.

Her: Well it was a thought. Anyway, we saw a white dog sort of like Cosmo on our walk. I looked it up and it's a Samoyed. He was really pretty and almost as big as Cosmo.
Me: They are pretty dogs. I didn't think they got that big though.

Her: (looking on her phone) Yeah. They get up to 45 pounds and 22 inches tall for the males.
Me: Then that dog must have been mixed with something. Cosmo is 70 pounds now and 25 inches tall.

Her: (still reading from her phone) It says they come from Siberia. Odd. I don't recall ever seeing one in Russia. Then again, I never went to Siberia, so...
Me: WHAT?! You've never been to Siberia?! What kind of a Russian has never been to Siberia?! If not in a Gulag then at least to visit somebody that was in one?! YOU ARE A RINO! Russian In Name Only! POSER!

We've both been laughing our asses off for the last 5 minutes over that.
When I was young family friends got a Samoyed. I remember the father saying he had been disappointed to find out it was already named Korsakov on the documentation.
"What if I had wanted to name it Rimsky?", he asked the breeder.
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