xX_TK_Xx (formerly Tank_Killer26) of MNTR acts like an ass and gets owned.

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Dec 1, 2020
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July 7, 2018

Well folks, another day another fucking idiot.

This one comes to us from Leukorrhea. (Yes, the name is fucking disgusting, but that’s not the point.) Now, by his own admission, Leuk was looking down the gun sight so he didn’t realize how close he was to xX_TK_Xx and he wound up knocking his rear end around.

Accidents happen. It’s not like he intentionally pushed him out of a spot behind a rock into enemy fire or any bullshit like that. The entire thing could have (and should have) been handled with a very simple exchange:

  • TK – DUDE! WTF? How about watch where you’re going?!
  • Leuk – Sorry man. Was aiming on the move and didn’t see you. My bad entirely.

That’s it. It’s just that fucking simple, folks. Shit happens in a game, and yeah, somebody doing something that fucks you up gets you pissed off. But before you go off on a fucking tear, at least ask for an explanation. You’d be amazed how many apologies you’ll get. EARNEST ONES.

But that’s not xX_TK_Xx’s of MNTR‘s style. Don’t let that “MENTOR” clan tag full you. They’re not there to teach you how to play, be a gentlemen and improve you’re game. They apparently are there to show you how to act like a complete asshole, then get owned and then cry like a little bitch. Given that they have 17 “executive officers” out of 30 total members, go fucking figure. Another shit clan made up of shit people with WAY too many chiefs and not nearly enough indians.

Now the battle starts off with xX_TK_Xx and Leuk going completely different directions. It’s not until the game is winding down to the end that they encounter each other. We pick up the video with Leuk and a couple teammates coming up the hill. Notice how they’re bumping and rubbing as they go, but nobody loses their fucking cool or tries to TK each other.

But as stated before, that’s not xX_TK_Xx’s style. With a name like TK, go fucking figure. He instantly without saying a word tries to shoot Leuk in the ass. It bounces off. Not willing to wait for him to try it again, Leuk nuke’s his ass.

And if you missed the choice words xX_TK_Xx said, here they are:



Yeah. VERY mature and “MENTOR” like, isn’t it? But he doesn’t stop there. This fucking prick is so bent out of shape, he does the famous “I’ll PM YOU IN THE GARAGE AND SHOW YOU HOW MANLY I AM WITH MY LIMITED VOCABULARY OF INSULTS“.

(And the stupid fuck gets owned again.)


Note to xX_TK_Xx’s: STOP BEING A DICK.

Not everybody is out to get you. Sometimes, it really is just an accident, you demented fuck.

Top Comment: Icon Charlie

And people wonder why I have the chat off. I do not have the time to deal with the silliness of this type of foolery anymore.
The E100 was funny that way. Hit the little light bar on top and you ammo rack the thing with one shot. Blast the rear of the turret at point blank range, bounce.

I loved the E100 even with all its flaws, I simply could not win in it. I think I played 150 games or so in it, had around a 1500 Wn8 and only managed a 30% win rate.
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Wonder whatever happened to Leuk. He vanished right about the time covid was really getting bad in New York. He lived there didn't he?
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Oh man....he seems to have not made the switch when we did...
He was gone long before that. Grim is right. One of his last posts was a picture he took in New York of a store. You could see him in the reflection and he was already wearing a mask. That was right at the beginning of the really bad first spike in Covid last year.

I certainly hope nothing happened to him. He was on the younger side, so hopefully he just got sick of us.