World of Warships newest detested ship is the Ise which is a BB and CV in one package

OK. After further reading here it is:


Lack of trained pilots prevented it from ever actually launching any aircraft in anger. Another ship that never actually worked as intended pressed into service by Wargaming.
Japan had planned to fully convert several BB's over to CV's but the expense was astronomical, materials were short and they flat out didn't have time. This was apparently the compromise.

But by the time it was completed (1944) and trials were done they didn't have the pilots to spare. The Ise never launched an aircraft in anger. It was used as a decoy and AAA ship escort for the few remaining real carriers they had left. It met its end of usefulness in 1945 after being bombed several times by the U.S. and was ultimately scrapped after the war.
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There is a new premium warship called the Ise at tier 6 but it has players mad since it is a BB and CV wrapped in one package:

Who the fuck is that? His stuttered up trying to sound impressive voice is fucking annoying!