White Widow proof of life test.

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Put two white widow seeds on to germinate. I'll know in a week or so if they've survived all these years. This will be changed to a grow thread if they're good.

I bought them from ILGM back in 2013 if memory serves. They've been kept in an old film roll canister inside the original zip lock bag since purchase.

Looked it up!. H2O2 (peroxide) releases it's extra oxygen molecule as it breaks down.

The seed coat softens by soaking your seeds in a properly diluted hydrogen peroxide solution, allowing the seeds to absorb more oxygen. This results in increased germination speed. Due to its chemical similarity to water, hydrogen peroxide is one of the safest chemicals you can use in the garden to combat root rot.

Root rot. That was also happening when I had to deal with the algae. It cleared up nicely too.
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I can see a very faint line appearing on the seed shells now. I think they're coming around.

By the way, I'm thinking of going with the bags this time 'round as I need a big container (10 gallons) for the tomatoes anyway. I'm not very well versed in bags and don't know brands or if it makes any difference.

I was looking at these.