What a day.

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
There's an old saying: It never rains but it pours.

So true.

Today was supposed to be easy. I had planned on getting the upgrade on my son's computer done, then mowing the lawn, then taking a shower and calling it a day by no later than 11:00.

It wasn't to be.

The upgrade was simple. My son has a refurbished Dell 3020 SFF. It's a good little system and all he needs, but I wanted to increase the video power and get him a new camera simply because any time we have zoom meetings while watching videos or doing BrainPop videos at the same time the onboard HD4600 struggles.

So I got him the best card you can put in that little bitty thing, the GT 1030. I had to swop the factory bracket out with an SFF bracket but that was in. In it went. Easy peasy, right?

Nope. Suddenly there's a bunch of bus items without drivers. Apparently, waking that part of the board up opened up a whole can of ass-whoop. So I had to spend an hour and change up at Intel chasing down drivers.

I'm getting frustrated when my wife yells up "There's something wrong with the microwave!"

I move to DEFCON 4. I then inform her that it's on the bottom of my to-do list.

Finally, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, my sons computer is up and running like a champ. I tell you, for an i5 it flat motors now. Job well done, I go downstairs to find some Amazon packages have arrived. One of them is the new solar flood light I promised to put in for my wife for when she takes the dog out in the evenings. The left side of our house has no lighting on it, and part of the front yard is pretty dark even though there's a streetlight nearby.

So looking at the sky, it's looking iffy for mowing the law, so I decide to tackle the light. Up it goes. Takes about an hour, but no big deal.

They take off to the park while I'm putting up the light. As I'm done with it and lowering the ladder I lost my grip on it and brain myself in the head with it.


Moving up to DEFCON 3.

So I recover from that, come inside and wash up a bit, throw some cold water on my face and check out the microwave.

It's old, we bought it and installed it back in 2010 I think. You turn it on and you can hear it grinding and it shuts right back off in about 3 seconds. I'm not screwing with that. So I hit the laptop and start looking for a new one.

Moving up to DEFCON 2.

Holy cow, did they get expensive or what?! 600 dollars for one like the one we had which I paid 280 dollars for when we bought it. I told my wife flat-out, "I am NOT paying 600 dollars for a microwave. If I'm paying 600 for anything it's going to be a Corbin seat for the Vmax."

So she said do whatever. So I did. So we're stuck with a Frigidaire for 350 bucks. Just finished installing it.

I think of George Carlin:

"Scope. Has anybody here ever sent anybody a bottle of Scope? Has anybody here ever received a bottle of Scope? I think of the borderline psychotic. He just needs one more thing to go wrong. On his way down to the mailbox one morning...what's this? Scope? SCOPE?! AAAARRRRRGGGGG!!!

Up on the roof with a magnum. 9 dead they blame Marine training."

That's where I am, folks.

Screw the lawn. I'm done. It's beer o'clock.

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So late yesterday afternoon I went to refill the hummingbird feeders on my back deck.

A spider had set up camp and a rather impressive web across the sliding door, so I went out to the garage to grab a broom to clear the web.

On the way to grab the broom I stepped on the flap of the flattened cardboard box the microwave had been in and one of the large staples was underneath it and sank into my foot.

I tell you, the hits just keep on coming.