Wargaming under investigation for Money Laundering


World of Warships Reporter
Mar 31, 2021
Check this out:

There have been rumors of money laundering plaguing Cyprus in recent years from all of the money coming in from Russia.​
MEPs have urged Cypriot president Nicos Anastasiades to “correct” the mishandling of a Russia corruption case. The 17 deputies voiced “grave concern” in a letter to Nicosia on Friday (26 October) that Cyprus was “actively assisting” Russia in “politically-motivated proceedings” against Bill Browder, a British human rights campaigner. They also called on Cyprus to hold an investigation into alleged Russian money laundering via Cypriot banks. They said Cyprus was “neglecting its duties under the European directives to combat money laundering”.​
That is about half way through Part I of a IV part series that Shadora wrote on Wargaming. Simply stunning it took this long for anybody to actually find out.

I'm wondering if maybe Wargaming is hurting so bad these days they just can't afford the payoffs and bribes anymore.
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Well well well. That's funny as hell. So when they get all their accounts frozen and can't get any of their money I wonder if they shut down their games.
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Simply stunning it took this long for anybody to actually find out.
They knew all along. It's like any scam though in that if you run out of money to make all the payoffs you run out of friends and you get busted.
Wow. Just wow. They seize the accounts so they just brazenly open up new accounts and keep on going.

And then there's this:

According to journalists, the management of Wargaming LLC, including the Head of Payments, the Director of Wargaming Group Limited Makis Savvides, and Adamos Savvides who is the Head of Global Payments at Wargaming LLC, are aware of the existence of this money-laundering scheme. It is also possible that the following employees of the financial and other departments of Wargaming LLC are involved in money laundering: Elena Lakhadynova, Nika Lucacova, Roman Romanovsky, Tamara Sakolchik, Filippos Kyriacou. All these people appear in the documents and correspondence with the management of the GlobalMoney payment system.

So if it's already common knowledge there I wonder how long it will be for the U.S. to start siezing accounts and money.
No telling. The article about the U.S. involvement is from April of this year. I'm sure it will take them at least several months to find out much of anything before they act.

Unless of course they get info from the EU directly that speeds the process up.
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