Wargaming Community Manager Quits, Alleging 'Toxic Corporate Culture'


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Dec 1, 2020
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Now, after that firing—which the community feels was a scapegoat situation—a community manager from Wargaming’s other big game, World of Tanks, has quit in solidarity, firing off one hell of a statement on his way out. Zachary “CabMech” Doig says Gneisenau013's sacking was “an illegitimate and incredibly persistent campaign to unfairly scapegoat him by the leadership of his former team”, who are “desperate to have anyone at all to blame for the most recent incident of, what I perceive to be, a toxic corporate culture perpetuating a cycle of serious errors that stretches back at least 4 years - well before his time on that team and with causes well over his pay grade.”

4 years? Have I got news for you....
To be fair, Gneisenau013 is a complete asshole. That guy is one of the "if you don't like it leave" people that rammed everything down everybody's throat. I'm not familiar with CabMech. I do remember Cabbage Mechanic. He was an ass as well.

Lets face it: I don't really recall anybody that ever worked for Wargaming that wasn't a toxic asshole except for one: Ghostprime. He at least would talk to you and in many cases agree with you but still just shrug and say, "sorry, but that's how they want it so that's how it's going to be."
I just think it's fucking hysterical that all that time they sucked up to Wargaming thinking they were somebody and they finally find out they were just being used like the rest of us all along. Fuck them.