Veteran dies of treatable illness as COVID fills hospital beds, leaving doctors "playing musical chairs"


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Dec 1, 2020
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Kakli told Begnaud that his patient was dying right in front of him. Wilkinson needed a higher level of care, but with hospitals across Texas and much of the South overwhelmed with COVID patients, there was no place for him.

It's time to throw the unvaccinated out of the ICU beds when they are needed by someone who has been vaccinated.

Fuck these unvaccinated assholes sucking the shit out of the health care system.
Something is wrong with that story. There's no fucking way they couldn't have helped that guy out. That's negligence on their fault. I'll bet a million bucks they didn't think he was that bad off and didn't bother looking at him until he was fucking dead. Now they're using covid as an excuse to cover it up.
I wanted to think so as well but I don't think that's the case. They searched every hospital for 100 miles and nobody had an ICU bed. I think they were in the process of searching farther out and securing a helicopter transport when he died.