UPS is really sucking.

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
I've been getting this a lot lately. I'll get an email from UPS like this:

Hi, you have a package coming tomorrow.
Estimated Delivery Date: Tuesday, 12/08/2020

Estimated Delivery Time: by 9:00 P.M.

Then this morning I get an email about the same exact package:

Hi, your package cannot be delivered as scheduled.
We will provide you with updated delivery information as soon as the shipment is handed over to UPS for delivery.

So the question becomes: How are they scheduling / guaranteeing delivery on a package they don't even have yet?
That’s Odd ?

Trump has broken our postal system.

oh btw, do you know who else is behind trying to privatize our postal system out ?

Darrel Issa ( R ) of California Yes he’s back.

That corrupt sob. He’s always been after the post office.
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How the hell did you get from UPS to Darrell Issa? 🤪
Because, Issa, is actively trying to privatize the post office. He is no friend right now to the post office, nor has he ever been in his entire political career. I also heard in the TV News about 2 days ago - a news blip - that Issa, is apparently blocking something on a committee that is holding up fixing the post office. He's always pushed for getting rid of the post office, disabling it, so that it can be privatized out. He approved of all the bad things Trump did the our postal system.
Also, google Darrel Issa + US Post Offices And look what pops up when you do. Just take a look at the entries and news clips that pop up from 2010 until 2018 of all the dirty work he has done to the postal system over those years. The whole system, the workers, the Postal Unions etc.

And in 2021, you're really going to see even more of it.
So the question becomes: How are they scheduling / guaranteeing delivery on a package they don't even have yet?

Up here, many companies have a direct input into Canada Post for standard packages. I've often been sent an email notice that Canada Post has a parcel for me with a delivery schedule link. At that link it'll say that Canada Post hasn't received the item yet but still have an estimated delivery date.
I would imagine large corps in the US using a delivery service would have the same functions available.
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