Underground Neo-Nazi Street Gang Quietly Running Whites-Only Workout Clubs From Coast To Coast


Resident Canadian
Dec 1, 2020
Canada's Ocean Playground

A shaky mobile phone video posted to an encrypted messaging app shows half a dozen white men running lockstep through a winding cement park trail. Some jog shirtless, exposing various tattoos to the sun. Each man’s face is hidden under the white and black Cheshire toothed smile of a skull mask.

One of a flurry of videos to be posted since Fall 2021, other pictures and footage show members doing push-ups in the snow, men in balaclavas taking weighted rucksack marches through treed backgrounds, and more skull masks repeating striking drills at focus pads.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network can now identify three men, Troy Miles, Ryan Immel, and Ryan Marshall, as current and senior members of the Vinland Hammerskins (VHS) – the Canada-wide branch of the Hammerskin Nation. We can also reveal that they are chiefly responsible for organizing the first Active Club in the Greater Toronto Area, with other Hammerskin members and affiliates forming similar chapters across the country.
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