U.S. Wins motion to extradite Julian Assange

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
So here's the article:

Here's the relevant part:

Friday's ruling by two senior judges overturns the ruling of a British judge in January that granting the US request to extradite Assange would be "oppressive" by reason of his mental health.​
Judge Vanessa Baraitser considered then that the "special administrative measures" in which Assange would most likely be held would have a severe negative impact on his mental health.According to court documents, the US won its appeal to extradite Assange due to "four assurances" sent in a Diplomatic Note dated February 5, 2021.​
These assurances were that Assange would not be made the subject of "special administrative measures"; nor would he be held at a maximum security prison before or after trial. In addition, the US would "consent" to an application by Assange to be transferred to Australia to service his sentence (if convicted); and while in custody in the US, Assange would receive "appropriate clinical and psychological treatment."​

I have to ask: What the hell is the point?!

If he's not going to be treated like every other prisoner, if he's not going to serve his time here, if he's not going to answer to U.S. law like everybody else does, what the flying hell is the point of doing anything at all?

This country has become a flat-out laughing stock.
Umm.....we've been prisoner remediating with you for many years already afaik. This is nothing new. The prison sentences remain the same length after the transfer, the only difference being which parole board you see in the end to start parole.
The treatment you get in an American Federal Maximum Security Prison is about as close to flagrant brutality as you can get. Other prison systems are picnic centers by comparison.

Compared to what he would face in the States, he'll get the equivalent of a summer vacation in Australia.
A gilded cage is still a cage.
I'm trying to understand what you seek without putting my words in your mouth but I'm gathering just being locked in a cell won't be enough punishment?
He should sit in a cell here being miserable all day long like other people do that commit crimes. Period. Not some half-way house in Australia talking to psychiatrist all day taking it easy.

In the end, nothing will change for him at all. He'll never face actual punishment.

So why even bother?
I don't give a fuck what cell he's in as long as he's in one. He's been hold up in sort of dorm room settings for the last what 5 years or so? There's a big difference between jail and prison no matter where the hell you are. No offense Gomez but I think you're flat out wrong. Look at this fucking guy. He's fucking 50. That's it. 50. And he looks like he's knocking down the fucking door of 70. He's a world class pussy. He can't stand where he is now and living in an embassy the last however many years. This fucking guy is going to cave no matter where he winds up.