Trump's Not Guilty Second Impeachment Trial Starts Today!

Will the GOP hold Trump Accountable?

  • Yes. They'll finally throw him under the bus to get rid of him.

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  • No. They're still umbilically connected to him.

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  • Bacon. Just because.

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Gomez Adams

Grammar Fascist
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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
So you can watch it on CSPAN or any number of news channels today starting at one. It's expected to last a week.

We all know what happened. We all saw it. We've all been reminded of it for over a month now.

So how do you think it ends?
I remember reading an excerpt from a high ranking soviet official. He was reminiscing about Watergate in that all the Russian papers were pointing out how divided America was and that America/democracy was so de-based that Nixon would never be impeached by his own party. Capitalism and big-money would buy off his crimes and protect him.

And then he said, the incredible happened and the Republicans held Nixon to task.

This was totally against everything they had been taught since childhood about America and Americans and he concluded by saying very many soviets would now see that the American dream of equality, justice and accountability for all was true; even the highest ranking politicians were held accountable to the people.
But the fact remains Nixon was never held to account. He resigned in exchange for a full pardon. So, in the end, the Russians were right. Some underlings went to prison for a few months but that was it.

Which brings us full circle to today. Is it any coincidence that Russia picked the republicans once again to corrupt? Of course not. They've known since Nixon that any republican will sell his mother down the river for a dollar.

Trump was the bonanza of a lifetime for them. And even now, as we type, most republicans are on every TV channel and radio station in the nation saying they're going to acquit Trump.

And they will. Again.

In the end, the Russians are right. About republicans especially.
Bruce Castor, Trump's lead defense attorney, is making the most incoherent, word salad argument I've ever heard. It is literally just word salad. He can't even do a proper list. He starts with A and the next note is 2.

This is the guy Trump picked. My God. I hate to say this, but Rudy Giuliani could have done a better job.
Not to be upstaged, David Schoen, the other Trump attorney, just showed a bunch of video clips of people wanting to impeach Trump. He seems to be arguing that nobody likes Trump, and that's not fair.