Trump Unhinged

Gomez Adams

Grammar Fascist
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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia

Well folks, Trump is losing his fucking mind. (Not that he ever had much of one to begin with.) He was already under the gun for being a corrupt, stupid, word slurring, porn star paying, racist, lying sack of shit, but yesterday when the market dropped an atomic 2013 points…

Let’s say that with the respect it deserves:


Trump really lost his fucking mind. He Twitter shit posted all day long. It was a complete meltdown. He just couldn’t stop. And of course he was blaming everything and everybody but his own stupid self. Let’s take a look at just some of them:

Yeah. It’s not a fucking plague from China, it’s the media and the Dems.

LMMFAO! Awww. Does the Donald need a safe space? Fucking idiot. You’ve said far, far worse than that.

So because some people preferred Warren to Sanders, it’s all Warren’s fault? What are you? 12?

Say fucking what? Having a flashback, are we?

See next post in line.

This is the guy that runs MSDNC. This is the guy Trump listens to over the NSA, CIA, FBI, the Joint Chiefs and everybody else.

Ahhh! The old “Blame Obama” route. Again. Dude, he’s been gone for years. Time to start maybe looking in the mirror.

You can’t be fucking serious. You just CAN’T!

Then why, fearless leader, is the disease still spreading rapidly throughout the U.S. and people dying?

Well, looking at all your shit posting, yeah. I agree completely. Dumbass.

Are you fucking serious? You can’t be serious! Oh holy fucking hell, you ARE serious!

Keep telling yourself that, jackass. Another part of it is you and your bumbling administration doing fuckall about a pandemic.

That’s in two weeks, asshole. Coronavirus is about 4 times more deadly than the flu.

I’m sure that Nazi will appreciate your endorsement. After all, you lose 80% of the time you endorse people lately.

Ditto caption above

Ditto the ditto

Ditto the ditto of the ditto…ahh shit, you know what I mean.

At this point, you have to consider that Trump is totally fucking gone. I mean, out to lunch permanently.

The wall that blows over in the wind two days after it’s put up? Really? This is important now?

Not one single poll ever posted has said you beat anybody. ANYBODY. Jackass.

So this is our president, folks. The entire time the market is crashing, the coronavirus is spreading, people are dying, what is our leader doing?
Sitting on the fucking john Twitter shit posting. The entire time.

Is he tweeting ideas? Responses to what’s happening? Relevant information? Fuck no! Trump is beyond any and all doubt the most unfit, corrupt and completely full of shit president in the country’s history.

But you know what? I got a surprise yesterday. I was sitting down at the tire store getting tires put on my truck and they had some 24 hour CBS news channel going in the lobby. On it was the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio.

This guy was at a podium surrounded by doctors, law enforcement, fire folks and others briefing New Yorkers on everything they were doing and everything the people could do to stay safer and help out. You can read this story to see some of the stuff he was doing.

Shit, I felt better just listening to him and the folks he had there with him. Why can’t Trump do something like that?

Because he’s a narcissistic, fat assed moron, that’s why.