Trump to launch yet another Social Media platform.

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Dec 1, 2020
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The name of it?


For those keeping score, in Russian, the word for truth is Pravda.

You just can't make this stuff up, folks.
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Similarities in the code were first spotted by early users of the platform, who noted front-end similarities between it and Mastodon. One user even took a screenshot of the HTML of Trump’s new site which shows explicit mention of Mastodon in the code. Mastodon subsequently had fun with this, tweeting out a reference to Trump’s apparent familiarity with their platform:

Think of it this way, if *he* manages to use Mastodon, you have no excuse saying it's too complicated
— Mastodon 🐘 (@joinmastodon) October 21, 2021

Actually, it isn’t all that unusual for other organizations to use Mastodon’s code, because it has a generous open-source policy. Users can create a software “fork,” essentially a modified version of the company’s code for their own purposes, so long as they abide by certain legally mandated stipulations in Mastodon’s terms of service. Somewhat predictably, Truth Social appears to have snatched the code but failed to abide by its terms.
It's just another cheap ripoff. One after the other. He's just spamming this shit now and you know it's getting worse and worse for him because he just keeps doing more and more of them. I bet he is in full blown panic mode because people are not giving him tons of money anymore.