Trump launches last-minute attack on Social Security with rule aiming to restrict disability benefits


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Dec 1, 2020
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"The Trump administration’s proposed rule, as the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year, “would no longer assume age seriously affects a person’s ability to adapt to simple, entry-level work.”
Remember, Joe's record on Social Security is not what it should be. That's what frightens me. Yes, far better than Trump of course. But, before I even read in the article up above about his over all record as echoed by progressives and people on the Left, he had a few issues in the past on somethings ( I don't specifically remember what they were, would have to dig back to find them ); I think what we tend to forget is we are dealing with JOE. He was not always a totally super progressive democrat, he always wanted to play a transitional centrist every way he rolled. He did in the senate, and with Obama in the White House.

And, damn sure seeing it already, before he's about to take the White House to be for sure! Let's not delude ourselves here.

PS. Did anyone answer my question yet over on the other thread about "Why the Dem's do what they do ? And who's doing it ?"
And yea, That is Total Complete BS, what he signed on SS up above. Always told these idiots what he wanted to do to Social Security!!

It's also a favor to Mitch McConnell
We're 60 (early - lowest amount), 65 (regular) and 70 (late - highest amount) or anywhere in between.
But, you can see what their trying to pull, by raising the age bit.

What it boils down to is, that the wealthy don’t want the cap raised $ on this:

^ see, look where the figure is at, around about 143k. Which means, anyone who earns above that amount STOPs paying anymore money above 143k. Not a dollar more!

So, THE rich, the millionaire, the billionaires like it that way ! Because they don’t have to pay for what’s coming.

It would not hurt them one damn bit to move that cap up to even 225k. That alone would would make SS solvent until the year 2150 !!

But, no !!! We can’t do that !! It would make to much sense !! Easier to have people die before the collect a dime!!
They just do it here because they don't care. They get a their pensions no matter what.
You mean the Senators and Congressmen right?

They have hated SS forever since it was founded when FDR set it up from the very beginning. People had NOTHING! poorer that dirt, into their 70's and up, nothing to rely on, worked until they dropped. Whether they could work or not, crippled, old age etc. hurting etc. And during the great depression, of all things.

So, capitalism, fails, falls apart, laying in the ditch, due to the early 20th Cen. American Robber Barons, Wall St. goes bust! People jumping off skyscrapers, soup lines, the grapes of wrath, entire country wandering the streets in search of work and food, banks repo-ing houses, people hoping trains trying to get from one end to the country to another to pick fruit, anything!

Finally, then those 2 socialist parties, and that commie party, have a meeting with FDR at the White House, and told him, "you have our vote, our support 100%, but if something is done quickly in reasonable time, some of the party is planning a great uprising across the country, and they do mean business. They just want the things they voted for when they voted for you. He told them don't hold the phone, I have a big meeting coming up with answer on this, just don't do anything like that. What these guys were promising would have made what we saw about a week ago in Washington even look like a picnic, it would have been all over the country.

So, as we know, FDR had that big meeting with those Robber Barons who drained the system, and told them what was coming with out a doubt, IF they didn't put back, and create new programs for the nation. Just give him the money, and he would do the rest and be responsible for it. Or else, there would be nothing left in the end for anyone especially them! Because, in rubble, he would have to strike the US dollar dead, and start reprinting new money, on top of the situation to restart everything in all likelihood.

That got their attention.

Along with the Unions (CIO).

We don't have that today.

Which explains a good reason why were in so much trouble. And, Capitalism is broken again. No doubt about it. And, do you hear Joe calling for the federal jobs program or the unfreezing of federal hiring even? I ain't heard shit.

To add more to this point: Here is a link that highlights the relationship between FDR and LBJ. FDR had picked out and team up early with LBJ down in Texas early in his career, and even campaigned for him in Texas. FDR moved LBJ up in his career in D.C. helped him with positions etc.

LBJ, tried to carry on with the New Deal in his version of "The Great Society."

So, in a strange kind of way, FDR is indirectly Responsible for us even having Medicare today also. Yes, indeed. Without LBJ we would not even have Medicare now, and thanks to FDR hand picking LBJ along the way, and recognizing talent along the way in TEXAS to carry on politically, well what then?

The whole time Eleanor Roosevelt was in the background also being critical of LBJ when she was not happy with LBJ's civil rights bill of 1957. If not for that, I doubt that in 1964, the civil rights bill would have passed as it did then, after she passed away around 1962.

Then, again the cynics could argue that, Texas would not have left the democratic party either. But, the Republican southern strategy may have been employed another way?

Always the devil enemy of the Republican party. The True Red Coats from Britain. The true torries from England. The true ruling class that want's everyone on their knees, starving, dressed in potato sacks, sweating in the fields.

Kind of make's you think if we even did win a revolutionary war don't it ??