Trump attacks Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger. Again.

Well, it was a cartoon. It was coupled up with Tom Slick and Super Chicken. (I was a big fan, obviously.)

The movie with Brendan Frasier was excellent as well. We still watch it from time to time on Disney. It's a great family movie for good laughs.
When you're in a picken(?)
and gonna take a lickin'
Just call out
For Super Chicken
'brawk brawk brawk'
Call out for Super Chicken

I can't remember Tom Slick as well except for the verse

'Tom Slick, Tom Slick'

And something about Granny in her greased lightning board (seems to me it was a powered skate board)
Super Chicken:
When you find yourself in danger,
When you're threatened by a stranger,
When it looks like you will take a lickin'
There is someone waiting,
Who will hurry up and rescue you,
Just Call for Super Chicken!

Fred, if you're afraid you'll have to overlook it,
You said you knew the job was dangerous when you took it

He will drink his super sauce
And throw the bad guys for a loss
And he will bring them in alive and kicking
There is one thing you should learn
When there is no one else to turn to
Call for Super Chicken!

Tom Slick is rather simple. They just say Tom Slick over and over and then there's the line: Let me tell you why he's the best of all the guys.

Then they go back to Tom Slick for a bit and then say: In the Thunderbolt Grease Slapper when he's on your tail, he won't quit because there's no such word as quit in racing to

Tom Slick over and over again.

And this is Tom in the Thunderbolt Grease Slapper:

Now here comes a true story. I was 11 or 12 years old at the time in Junior High School when the phone rang. Now, we were forbidden to ever give out our phone number to anybody - reason being my dad gambled a lot and my mom drank a lot so you never knew who would be asking for it. If you know what I mean.

So the phone rings, I'm oblivious to it until I hear my mom call me. Then I'm terrified. I get to the phone and she's just glaring at me. I pick it up and it's a friend from school Bobby. And Bobby has something very important to ask me. He needs to know the words to the Super Chicken song.

So I rattle them off for him as he writes them down. I then asked him how he got my phone number. (Bear in mind my mom is standing right there hearing everything.)

Turns out his mother worked in the principles office. He just asked her to get it for him. Then we hung up. I got the hell beat out of me and then Bobby's mother received a visit from my mother, higher than a kite at 8 the next morning.

To this day I've never forgotten the words to that song.