Trump’s rage is ‘peaking tonight’: MSNBC host recounts former president’s dismal week


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Dec 1, 2020
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"How livid is Donald Trump tonight about the public revelation that the cowardly Donald Trump Jr. on Jan. 6 finally said what Donald Trump Jr. may have been trying to say for his whole life, but because he is Donald Trump Jr., he was not allowed to say it to his father," O'Donnell said. "He was allowed to say it to a guy working for his father, Mark Meadows."

Trump Jr.'s message to Meadows during the insurrection read, "He has to lead now."

"That is the cry from the deepest part of Donald Trump Jr.'s shallow heart, the hopeless cry from a cowardly son to a cowardly father who has never known how to lead," O'Donnell said. "Donald Trump has never known how to lead anyone, not his children, not his company, which is now under criminal investigation ... and certainly not his country."

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
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People are making far too big a deal out of that. There's a very good, very simple reason Don Jr. was texting Meadows just like everybody else was: After Pence had called Trump for help, Trump turned off his phone and was sitting there watching everything unfold on the TV. NOBODY could get a hold of him. That's when EVERYBODY started texting and calling Meadows, because he was at the White House and could literally walk to where Trump was and tell him.

Hugo Stiglitz

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Dec 7, 2020
I'm still thinking the investigation of that billion dollars that hit his new media company overnight is going to turn up a lot of shit that's going to ruin that thing before it ever gets started.