TodSoldat – Redneck, Nazi, Homophobic, Woman Beating Asshole Extraordinaire

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Dec 1, 2020
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May 29, 2017



I know, I know, it’s been a while since we’ve done a troll profile. Sue us. We’ve been busy with other shit. But this guy just screams out for a profile, so we had to get right to it.

(The fact we’ve been messaged to death over this asshole so we’re doing it to shut a few folks up is purely coincidental.)

I tell you folks, the bullshit just never, ever ends with all the god damned Nazi’s and Wargaming. First off, the name Tod Soldat is German for Death Soldier. And we all know what that was during WWII, don’t we?

You guessed it! The SS.

All of that aside, this asshole trolls the forums pretty much non-stop breaking every rule in the fucking book, then tries like hell to act like the victim in all of it and backpedals on nearly every post he makes and somehow he gets away with it every time. Don’t think so? Let’s look at an example, shall we?

Here’s the tread:

Now, the skinny on it is simply that Pump_Jack posted a video that somebody else did that lists the most toxic player communities online and that World of Tanks ranked sixth. (We all know that’s bullshit, as it’s easily number 2 and quite possibly number 1, but I digress.)

So most folks are having a bit of a laugh over it when AssholeSoldat shows up with this little jewel:

TodSoldat: Just some snowflake leech posting it, blames those of us who contribute to the game to be the issue rather than the leeches who suck off the game and want everything handed to the
So he first off insults the OP, then accuses him of not “supporting the game” by spending all of his welfare money on it like he does…which is stupid, because Pump_Jack has dropped some serious coin on this cesspool of a game. (For what reason I can’t imagine…frankly, he probably needs to be bitch-slapped for spending that kind of money, but again I digress.)

As if that weren’t enough, he spends the rest of the time defending his post saying he was criticizing the person that made the video and not the OP for posting it. (Which we all know is complete bullshit.) He goes full-fucktard as usual and nothing happens.

So once again this bullshit goes on and on and Wargaming protects it. Why is it that pretty much every real asshole on the forum is a Nazi and seems to get away with pretty much anything while others post a picture of in game abuse and get instantly perma-banned? Why are Wargaming going out of their way to protect Nazi’s?

Don’t think they are? Think we’re making this one up too? Well, lets just take a good look at this asshole, shall we?

Here’s his Steam Account:

To save you a clickity-click, here’s a couple shots of this fine, upstanding citizen:


Awwww…that’s lovely, isn’t it? Even has the Swastika in the background for…well…what the fuck ever.

And here’s a list of names he goes under:


Sons of Liberty.


Tod Soldat.

This guy is more Nazi than fucking Hitler himself ever was. He eats, drinks and sleeps this shit. What’s more, he’s a homophobic asshole as well. Don’t think so? Well, just take a look at this ugly moron and listen to him whine about “having to get his knife and go down to the post office to deal with a homosexual”:

Now, just for posterity as he will in all likelihood delete the video, here’s a nice shot of Todsoldat:


Yea. Fine, upstanding citizen that guy.

The funny part is that most people on the forums think he’s some kid that’s just in over his head and has no clue what he’s talking about. But that’s not true. He’s a 47 year old (in a couple weeks time, June 12th to be exact) that’s just a fucking epic moron.

But most inbred, racist, rednecks are. Nothing new there.

So this idiot is in a clan. Well, let’s take a look at that as well, shall we? He’s in the clan Bring The Boom.

He’s a personnel officer. Are you fucking kidding me? Him?! A PERSONNEL OFFICER?!?! Oh for fucks sake…he has the social skills just short of a mentally handicapped monkey and the personal grooming to match. I mean, for fucks sake, what kind of half-assed clan are you if you’re using HIM for your personnel officer?

Apparently, it’s this kind of clan:


Hmmm…well, it looks like he actually fits in well then. (Frankly, I think the name should be “Bring the Broom and sweep these shitters up off the floor”, but that’s another story for another day.)


I’ll be damned. A match made in heaven.

According to Bring the Boom’sOfficial Website, TodSoldat is an arty specialist. We’re not shitting you. Didn’t click the link? Well, here you go:


It just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it? Now, if he’s a “fucking arty” specialist, he must really be good at it,eh? I mean, after all, the clan offers lessons. We’re not shitting. They do. Let’s take a look see at how good YOU and I can be with his awesome arty skills:





If we all head over there and get some lessons on arty, maybe we too can be a Fucking Arty specialist and make it to the 50% mark by the skin of our teeth.

The reality of TodSoldidiothomophobicnaziasshole is simply this: He’s a fucking uneducated, redneck, sleeping with his sister, drinking Early Times, living in a trailer, looking out for UFO’s shit-for-brains moron.

Treat him accordingly.

UPDATE 6/1/17:

Well, folks, it’s been brought to our attention by one of our readers that TodSoldat is not only a redneck, Nazi asshole, but he also beats up on women. Young women to be exact. Teenagers for fucks sake. And you know what’s even sicker?



Links to actual posts:

That son-of-a-bitch makes me sick to my fucking stomach. You god damned redneck asshole! Are you that fucking pathetic you have to beat up on women?! You are a worthless piece of absolute shit!

Top Comment: Only_Meuploading


The guy acts like an absolute d-bag on the Forums and it stems from the fact that he’s one IRL.

At one time he stated that he never had a relationship that lasted more than 6 years – I have no idea how he managed to have one last more than 6 months.

The more I find out about some of the members of the game, the more I really wish I hadn’t.

With so many racist, homophobic and general d-bag assholes – which have to reflect the general populace out of the game – it’s little wonder the world is currently in the state it is.