Tianamen Square 32 Years Ago


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Dec 1, 2020
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Never forget what the Chinese Communist Party did to it's own people...

CAUTION : photos of bodies run over by tanks.

My friend Wayne went to China years ago as a part of a forestry commission helping China. They toured the government buildings and all that as special guest and they got to this certain point where he realized exactly where he was.

It was the same exact view from this famous picture was taken:


He had always thought it was a press photographer that took that picture, but he realized it was the Chinese government that took it as nobody else would have been allowed up there at the time.

He thinks they staged the picture to show "their mercy" and probably had the guy run over immediately after they took the picture.
From what I have seen essentially the government decided so many had been shot/killed the easiest clean-up was to run over all the bodies with the tanks, then wash them down the sewers...

Yea...They'll be trying to cover that shit up forever.
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The only reason China ever amounted to anything is unlimited slave labor.
Same could be said of us. Europe banned slavery in name only because they used the colonies for their slave labor. We simply took over the franchise when we won our independence.

That's why everybody has things built in China, Bangladesh and elsewhere: Slave labor. You simply can't beat the profit margin you get when you're paying pennies for slave labor.