This is what it has come to in Georgia.

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
This is the email I just sent to my son's 3rd grade teacher. My son has been under the weather (just a typical cold, he's negative for Covid) and has missed a few days of school.

Ms. Bennerman,​
Although Adrian is much better now, my wife doesn’t want him coming back to in person learning. Watching the news last night was the final straw, I believe.​
They’re showing videos of maskless parents and children protesting outside Gwinnett schools over masks mandates (which of course means they practice absolutely ZERO safety standards outside of school), a Governor that “suggests” but doesn’t order anything, Cobb County Schools in freefall with cases, the entire school system in south Georgia shutting down completely, plus the 16 year old dying in South Carolina, dozens of children hospitalized here, hundreds in Florida…​
All of which means it’s simply a matter of time, and probably not very much time at that, before kids at Level Creek start testing positive for Delta.​
My wife is of the opinion that we were given a warning. I can’t say I don’t agree with her. I am wondering what I need to do to get Adrian switched back to remote learning.​
Believe me, it’s the last thing on earth I wanted to do, but that’s what we feel is best with this Delta variant running pretty much unchecked across the entire nation killing indiscriminately.​
Thanks in advance,​
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Do they not already have an on-line plan for those who tested positive? It's a mandate up here.
Yes, but it's a huge bureaucratic mess to be switched over to it. Our school systems are so dysfunctional it's ridiculous. Example:

At the start of the school year just two weeks ago, my wife wasn't approved to be able to get our son off the school bus. If I wasn't standing there, they'd take him back to school and make me come and get him.

It took 5 days and dozens of emails and phone calls to get that straightened out.
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Wow, when we had to pick up the kids on day at the bus for my daughter all it took was her telling the driver in the morning it would be me in the afternoon tomorrow. We offered for him to see me that morning but it wasn't necessary.

But yeah, we have had parents try to go around a court order in places.
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And here we go:

It's the third week of school in Cobb County, Georgia, and many parents are livid with what they perceive to be the district's lax Covid-19 protocols and dangerous misinformation being disseminated by a school board member via his official email account.​
Some parents, including those with children suffering from asthma and one whose 13-year-old has a flagging immune system after fending off a rare leukemia as a younger child, are taking their kids out of school, they told CNN.​
"Every day, there's a chaotic event -- entire grades sent home," said Jessica Zeigler, who has taken her three kids, including two with health issues, out of county schools. "Every day seems like a series of terrible decisions that we have to make."​
Added Sara Cavorley, who took five of her kids, including the aforementioned 13-year-old, out of school this week: "I shouldn't have to choose between my children's life and school. That's a no-brainer. I choose my kids."​
Just got a call from the assistant principal. According to her, the time for digital learning registration has passed so in person is all he is allowed to do.

She does have a call in to the district administrator to see if there's anything he can do, but it's not likely.

Gotta love the educational system of the most powerful nation on earth. :rolleyes:
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What a crock of bullshit. They already have distance learners right? So what the fuck's the problem? They just tell you where to log in and away you go. They're just trying to bully your ass back into sending your kid back to school. They're waiting you out. They're doing the same shit here to some parents that changed their minds.
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