This is odd.

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Since I had bothered installing World of Warships again and logged in to find that it was a complete catastrophe, I figured I might as well log in to see what was up with World of Tanks.

Since I was already logged in on the World of Warships account, it took me to the Gomez Adams WoT account by default. I only ever played 5 battles on that account just to post on the WoT forum.

So I log in to see this:


I got a free Super Chaffee, a free Super Hellcat and a free T50-2 and a bunch of other swag.

Cool for never having actually played that account.

So then I switch over to the Whisky_A_Go_Go account I got back from my buddy Frank and get this:


I don't get the T50-2 for 9 years of service. What's more, this account actually had the T50-2 before they removed it from the game and replaced it with whatever it was.


Only Wargaming would do something this ridiculously stupid: reward less for more.

Oh well. Uninstalled both as it's not worth taking the space up on my drive. Fun for a few LOL's though.
Me too. I was never really any good in it. Most of the good stats on the Whisky account on that tank were Frank's. But it was really fun getting in behind someone and just shooting them to ribbons as they tried desperately to rotate around to fight back.