The Wall

It doesn't cost anything to stop doing something.

I tell you, our media is off the hook stupid. Everything in this nation has gone full blown drama queen.

I agree with you. But, on the deal with the contracts, they'll have to pay something on ending those contracts some kind of way. But, trump and his friends knew that, before that got the whole shibang going to begin with. That was part of the big scheme. The Feds will have to settle something out on it. The GOP and Trump humpers will play it like a fiddle from hell for the next 4 years until the next election, that the Dems are weak on the border security etc. and in 2024, they'll be right back with doubled down horns, and teeth.

That's why Ann Coulter was foaming at that mouth over the Wall, to just start building it, cause they know how far they can bend the truth on it. Their minions will believe anything! Absolutely, anything! It don't matter if the rust rots it down, or the wind blows it down, ( which it has already ), "The Dems did it." They'll buy any conspiracy theory in the book.
They're contracts that Trump made. I'm more than willing to bet they're illegal to begin with. I doubt seriously they'll put up a fight over being cancelled when the IRS puts a microscope on their actions.
Oh yea, that usually works... Just ask Capone, and some of the other big cats out there. Yep, the great equalizer. Trump is going to find that out too when he leaves office. ;)